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List of Approved Firms for Items of Stores, under the Meghalaya Preferential Stores Purchase Rules, 1990.  

Sl. No.

Items of Stores - Notified vide No. & Date.   Name & Address of the SSI Units.
I. Iron and Steel Furniture and Fixture :

Vide No.Ind.130/94/204;dt.21.2.2001 effective from 1.1.2002

Vide No.Ind.130/94/220;dt.14.12.2002

Vide No.Ind.130/94/232;dt.11.6.2002

1.  M/s. Khasi Pnar Steel Furniture and Fabrication Industry, Pynthorumkhrah, Shillong.

2.  M/s. Decora Steelage, Kachari Road , Shillong-1.

3.  M/s. Eastern Enterprise,Umsohsun, Shillong.

4.  M/s. Areng Industry, Lower Chandmari, Tura.

5.  M/s. Techno Quip, Polo Super Market, Shillong-1.

6.  M/s. Thangkhiew Steel Fabrication, Nongkseh, Shillong-1.

7.  M/s. Tariang Steel Products, Nongthymmai-Nongshilliang, Shillong.  

II. Galvanised (Iron) Barbed Wires :

Vide No.Ind.130/94/135;dt 5.12.1996

Vide No.Ind.130/94/154;dt.25.6.1998

1.  M/s. Meghalaya Wires Products, Book Cliff Road, Dhan-kheti, Shillong-1.

2.   M/s. Rilum Iron & Steel Product,
Mawlai Umjaiur.

3.  M/s. Warjri Industries, C/o. Seven Set School, Malki, Shillong- 1.

4.  M/s. Risalang Industry, Mawlai Nongkwar (Near Me.S.E.B. Sub-Station, Shillong-3.

5.  M/s. Nongstang Industries, Jaiaw Laitdom, Shillong-2.

6.  M/s. Pala Barbed Wire and Wire Netting, Ummulong, BPO, Ummulong, Jaintia Hills-793250.

7.  M/s. Starline Industries, Lathaboh, Jowai-793150

8.  M/s. Hills Industries, 2 ½ Mile, New Tura, West Garo Hills District.

9.  M/s. Areng Industries, New Tura, P.O. Lower Chandmari, West Garo Hills District.

10. M/s. B. D. Marbaniang Steel Wire Product, ‘Adelina’ Lawmali, Shillong.  

III. P.V.C. Products :

Vide No.Ind.130/94/97; dt.14.7.1995 - Effective from 30.4.95

1.  M/s. Meghalaya Polythene Industries,     Thana Road, Shillong.

IV. Wax Products :

Vide No.Ind.130/94/163;dt.7.9.98 – Effective from 6.4.98

1.  M/s. Duia Candle works, Laitumkrhah,Shillong-3.

2.  M/s. Nongkhlaw Enterprise, Lumpyngngad, Upper Motinagar ,Shillong-14.

3.  M/s. Shillong Candle Manufacturing Works, Laban, Shillong-4.

4.  M/s. D.B.S. Candle Manufacturing Unit, Jowai Mission Compound, Jaintia Hills.

5.  M/s. R.K.B. Industries, Bara Bazar, Shillong.

6.  M/s. Ri Khasi Wax Products, Industry Laitumkhrah, Shiullong-3

V. R.C.C. Spun Pipes :  

Vide No.Ind.130/94/253; dt.24.7.2003 - Effective from 1.4.03

1.  M/s. Meghalaya Cement Product, Umpling, East Khasi Hills District, Shillong.

2.  M/s. Meghalaya Hume Pipe Industry Byrnihat, Ri-Bhoi Dist.

3.  M/s. Hills Pipes, Mendipathar, East Garo Hills Dist.

VI. Poultry and Piggery Products :

Vide No.Ind.130/94/54; dt.20.12.94 Effective from 1.10.94

1.  M/s. Premier Feed Mills, Jaiaw Langsning.

2.  M/s. Meghalaya Fodder Hills, Hawakhana, Tura, West Garo Hills.  

VII. H.D.P.E. Water Storage Tanks :

Vide No.Ind.130/94, dt.30.3.96 - Effective from 1.2.96

1.  M/s. Meghalaya Polycon Pvt. Ltd. Bara Bazar, Byrnihat Industrial Area, Byrnihat.  

VIII. Stationery I.E. Envelopes & Registers :

i. Vide No.Ind.130/94/142;dt.13.5.1997 - Effective from 1.10.96

ii. Vide No.Ind.130/94/101,dt.9.8.95 - Effective from 1.6.95

iii. Vide No.Ind.130/94/232; dt.11.6.02

1.  M/s. Singhania Printing Press, Thana Road, Shillong – 1.


2.  M/s. North East Card Board Products, Jaiaw, Shillong.

3.  M/s. Caroline Pala, Laban (Last Stop), Shillong – 4.  

IX. Sign Boards & Letterings :

Vide No.Ind.130/94/221;dt.19.12.2001 - Effective from 1.1.01

Vide No.Ind.130/94/226; dt.28.1.02

Vide No.Ind.130/94/232, dt.11.6.02  

1.  M/s. Shillong Arts, Umsohsun, Shillong–1.

2.  M/s. Meghalaya Arts, Iew Mawlong, Shillong.

3.  M/s. Marwein Arts, Iewduh, Shillong –2.

4.  M/s. Kharnaior Arts, Mawlai, G.S. Road, Shillong – 8.

5.  M/s. Nongbri Entyerprises, Mawlai Main Road, Shillong-8.

6.  M/s. Artful Arts, Jaiaw Lansonalane, Shillong.

7.  M/s. Kharnadu Arts, Brightnell Compound, Malki Point, Shillong.

8.  M/s. Hynniewtrep Arts & Advertising Agencies, LaitumKhrah, Point,Shillong-3.

9.  M/s. Fine Arts, Nongthymmai (Near Jingkieng) Shillong-14.

10. M/s.Lamare Arts, Lumiongjoon, Jowai.  

X. G.I. Pipes :

Vide No.Ind.130/94/253; dt.24.7.2003 - Effective from 1.4.03

M/s. Nezone Industries Ltd, EPIP, Byrnihat , Ri Bhoi District.
XI. Alum-Ferric and Non Ferric :

Vide No.Ind.130/94/253; dt.24.7.2003 - Effective from 1.4.03

M/s. RNB Minerals and Chemicals (P) Ltd, Industrial Area, Barapani , Ri Bhoi District.  
XII. Pre-Inked and Polymer Stamps :

Vide No.Ind.130/94/253; dt.24.7.2003 - Effective from 1.4.03

M/s. Sharesa Poly Stamp, Riatsamthiah, Block-V, Shillong-793001.